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How To Protect Your Garden From Voles

It is a fact that voles can drive gardeners and property owners crazy. Voles can be identified by the snakelike tunnels in your garden.  Voles and moles are not the same  You should not confuse between voles and moles although these 2 creatures have lots of similarities. Both of these creatures are in the habit of making tunnels through your garden. It might not be possible for you to observe...

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The Importance Of Good Landscape Design

Being an experienced landscape designer, one of the most common requests which we often hear from our clients happens to be for “low maintenance” (even though it might actually signify NO maintenance at all!) It is fact that the majority of the property owners have a tendency of enjoying their yard as well as residence without performing a lot of things for its maintenance. One more aspect which tends to...

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What You Need To Know About Garden Fertilizer Labels

Even though nurseries and garden centers can be beautiful places they might be quite confusing, particularly for the new gardeners. In fact, it is natural for you to become confused with so many fertilizer choices available to you. What is in all these bags of fertilizer anyway? What is the significance of the numbers on the fertilizer package? Is it really important which one you select for your garden? What...

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Landscaping Tips For Homeowners

Most people believe that they can do some level of landscaping on their own without professional help. Being outside and working under the sun can be satisfying; even those who say that they cannot landscape, can dabble in it to an extent. Getting landscaping tips is easy because people can get tips from friends and family or even other people one might meet at a landscaping store. People can save...

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