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Get Rid Of Weeds With This Organic Weed Killer

Mixing together an organic weed killer can be as easy as looking around your kitchen. All the ingredients you need to get rid of those pesky lawn and garden weeds are probably already in your house, it’s just a matter of gathering them up and mixing them together in their proper proportions. If you have kids and/or pets, then what you put on your lawn should be of concern to...

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How to Easily Regrow Your Vegetable Scraps

Do you find yourself throwing away food scraps on a weekly or even daily basis? Ever wonder if there was a little more life in that head of romaine? Much of the common vegetable waste we see going into the trash can actually be given a second life! From leafy greens to root vegetables, these scraps can be repurposed and in some cases, grown into a new plant. Potatoes Potatoes...

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Fall garden maintenance

A little planning and prepping during the fall can really improve your spring season. Autumn is the time to get ready and manage the soils, prepare sod, clean up your raised beds, and minimize the problems in the new growing season. It’s also the time to plant bulbs that bloom in spring and pull out tender summer bloomers. Fall garden preparation is key, and one of those maintenance tasks that...

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Growing hot chilli peppers

If you want to grow the best and hottest chillies, you should start the seeds indoors as early as January (if there are late frosts, sometimes you can get away with starting as late as March) - the hottest varieties are the ones that often need the longest growing seasons. Chillies need a lot of warmth to germinate so if you can, use a heated propagator or use a warm...

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